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‘What The Fluff’ Challenge Gone Hilariously Wrong

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One dog owner was left feeling a little dizzy after a failed attempt at the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge.
The video shows Ashlynn Mckenzi Dacus, from Jonesboro, Arkansas, holding a striped blanket in front of her innocently unsuspecting dog, Maggie.

However, Ashlynn’s plan does not go quite as she imagines as she fails to run through the door to her right and launches herself straight into the hard wall.

See the video below:


what the fluff challenge

Maggie, probably thinking What The Fluff?

what the fluff challenge

Ashlynn is seen teasing her pet continuously, dropping the blanket a few inches to reveal her face and then bringing it back up again.

Curious about what is going on, Maggie is seen waiting patiently in front of the blanket before the owner misses the exit and slams herself into the wall with, well, quite the hit.

The fluffy doggo then runs away leaving the camera to pan to the floor as Ashlynn is heard laughing.

As she slams into the wall with quite some force, Maggie looks scared and runs away immediately. The video was posted on Facebook by Jerri Deneen Mathis who captioned the post:
Just in case you were wondering how pharmacy school is going… we may be a little brain dead already!

The video has since gone viral, receiving around 16 million views and 65,000 comments from people who shared their delight at the hilarious video.

One social media user wrote:
Lmao she runs into the wall and the dog gets scared away
While another person commented:
Oh my gosh… that is something I totally would do haha
The What The Fluff challenge started back in June this year and it involves pet owners confusing their animals by holding up a blanket to hide and then dropping it and running away, leaving the pets to stare into the vacant area their owner once stood.

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