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Three Lanes Of Traffic In New Zealand Stop To Let A Family Of Ducks Cross The Highway

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This is the story of a family of ducks in Auckland, New Zealand, who created traffic since everyone stopped to let them cross a highway during peak Friday morning traffic.

Ducks, as friendly animals, don’t mind living near humans, but crossing a busy highway doesn’t always turn out good for them. Not that people want to kill them, but, slow-moving little ducks are not always easy to spot by fast-moving vehicles who have their minds set getting to work on time or arriving at a meeting.

Credit: Pixabay

However, the incident was totally dismissed as footage shows that humans are capable of noticing the world around them. In fact, surprisingly, they were even as generous as to give up a little portion of their morning to make sure the family of ducks crosses to safety.

The footage was shared by the Auckland division of the New Zealand Transport Agency, who provide live updates and traffic reports on their Twitter account. On Friday morning at exactly 7:45 am, just as the morning peak hour was starting to build upon the Northern Motorway, they provided us with an update.

They wrote:

“Please allow a little extra time citybound on the Northern Mwy this morning with minor delays due to ducks crossing near Tristram Ave,”

“NZ Police are now escorting all to safety.”

space elf@calibrieleven

Extremely good that three lanes of traffic stopped for the ducks, and all three waited until they made it across ❤❤❤

NZTA Akld & Nthlnd@NZTAAkl

Please allow a little extra time citybound on the Northern Mwy this morning with minor delays due to ducks crossing near Tristram Ave. NZ Police are now escorting all to safety. ^TP #becauseitsfriday #nocrashescaused

They were referring to the family of ducks who would much rather be in nature than stroll around dangerous highways. The video shared on Twitter is almost a minute long as it shows how the three lanes of traffic stopped to let the mother duck and her little ducklings cross the street safely.

Because there was no warning, the drivers probably spotted the duck family approaching the highway, therefore they stopped to let them pass. Each lane stopped and traffic only began moving once the ducks were safely out of the highway. Since it was a Friday morning and everyone was on their way to work, the video shows incredible patience from the drivers.

The video really is amazing to watch.

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