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The 5,000-Foot Bridge Reduced To Rubble Within Seconds After Demolition

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A mind-blowing footage was shared by People’s Daily, China, showing the moment of a 23-year-old bridge being reduced to rubble within seconds. The explosion happened was controlled and took place in east China. The reason behind the demolition of this bridge is to create space for the construction of a taller overpass. The bridge was 23 years old and spanned across the Gan river in the Jiangxi province.
Despite the efforts to repair the old bridge of south-east China, no improvement of the bridge’s safety was achieved. Thus, the busy Ji’an Ganjiang Bridge couldn’t fit into the traffic demands of the growing population of China. Eventually, the local authorities approved plans to destroy the 23-year-old bridge in June of 2018.bridge reduced to rubble

There were many tonnes of explosives placed on the bridge’s four main columns and 61 piers. The exact time for the demolishment of the bridge was set at 10:18 am local time. Hundreds of people were gathered to watch it and from the footage, they looked pretty excited.


The video which was recorded by witnesses shows the massive motorway – spanning 1,577 meters (5,173 feet) across the river, leaving behind some giant white ‘cloud’ of debris and smoke.

Seconds after the noisy bang, the bridge was no longer seen. Not even a piece of it. As it was sucked by the water of Gan River.

The Ji’an Ganjiang Bridge’s construction began in September 1993, whereas opened to traffic in December 1995. But, due to the population growth, its structure could no longer be useful and meet the needs of the citizens.

Instead of the 23-year-old Ji’an Ganjiang Bridge, a new bridge is planned to be constructed and set to open in June 2021.

“Watch: An old bridge in unsafe condition is demolished in just seconds in Ji’an, E China’s Jiangxi province, on Friday. A new bridge is set to be built and will open to traffic in June 2021,” People’s Daily, China wrote alongside the video.bridge reduced to rubble

This is what the new bridge will look like:

bridge reduced to rubble

The new bridge is planned to span 2,211 meters (7,253 feet), consisting of six lanes and non-motorised access. Its rebuilding was approved by the Centre for Urban Planning and Construction Committee last November.

bridge reduced to rubble

The proceedings or the new bridge construction will begin in January of 2019 after the water has been cleared by the rubble. Whereas, the opening of the overpass is planned to be after 2 years, more specifically in June of 2021.

Source: Dailymail
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