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Some People Are Ditching Toilet Paper In Favor Of Reusable ‘Family Cloth’

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some people are replacing toilet paper in favor of something called a “family cloth”. We apologize ahead of time for the somewhat startling and definitely nauseating explanation, but a family cloth is a piece of fabric that you would use to wipe your nether regions after a bowel movement.
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The difference between the family cloth and toilet paper (other than the obvious fact that they consist of different material) is that, while you would throw out a piece of toilet paper that you use, you would instead toss the used family cloth in the hamper to be washed and reused.

If this is appealing for whatever reason, you can make the cloth yourself from old clothing you (preferably) no longer wear or there are a number of options of colors and patterns on the market. Again, you would use it in the same way as you would toilet paper, just make sure you get a sealed hamper and do your laundry more often…for obvious reasons.


As you can imagine, people have had some pretty strong reactions to the replacement toilet paper and can you blame them? Yes, using toilet paper in abundance increases your carbon footprint, but surely there are other less medieval ways of making a positive environmental impact. There must be other steps you can take before this one. It just seems a little drastic.
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We’re not the only ones who feel this way. Take for example Twitter user Nicole Cliffe (@Nicole_Cliffe) who wrote, “ahhhh family cloth, my one true enemy”. Twitter can be a bit of a melodramatic space, but this time it’s warranted.

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