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Some Of The Weirdest Things Found Inside Of Animals

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Humans (especially kids) have always longed for pets. Some want a hamster, while others prefer a horse, but sometimes the animals that we domesticate end up eating things around our house.

Animals can be pretty weird creatures sometimes. Whether it’s because of their puppy dog eyes or because of the ferociousness of an apex predator, animals can shock and stun us. If you’ve ever owned a pet, visited a zoo, or even been out in the wild, you probably know that animals will pretty much eat anything and everything they can get their hands (or paws, or claws) on. While some animals such as the dung beetle prefer dung and others such as an orca prefer other mammals and sea creatures, more domesticated animals have a rather ‘human-like’ diet. Some unexpected things you may find inside of an animal are: money, light bulbs and or other animals. Whether you love or hate animals, I’m sure we can all agree that they do some pretty weird things sometimes. You’d be surprised at what some of them eat without even realizing it! Here are some of the absolute weirdest things found inside of animals.
Any dog lover probably knows what it’s like to have to take care of an animal that eats just about everything. That was the case for Cody, a cute little Golden Retriever puppy. When Cody’s owners realized that their puppy seemed to be having stomach issues, they took him to the vet. There, they found out that Cody had swallowed a light bulb whole. You’ll be happy to hear that he recovered just fine!

Burmese pythons are the largest snakes in the world. They often kill deer, other snakes and even alligators. In 2006, a 12-foot-long snake ate its own electric blanket. The owner told the vets that the blanket had gotten tangled up with a rabbit the snake was eating for dinner. The snake was rushed in for emergency surgery. The vets were able to remove the electric blanket, and the snake recovered just fine.


Sharks will eat…well, pretty much everything. Marine biologists have actually confirmed that sharks eat out of pure boredom. This would explain why car tires are found inside of sharks all the time. And I guess when you weigh that much you just have to eat everything in sight.

In 2014, an Alabama family caught the biggest alligator ever recorded in the state. The taxidermist recovered the remains of a doe inside this massive, dinosaur-like alligator. That poor mammal was probably drinking too close to the alligator’s habitat.

mentioned on the previous page, dogs love to eat all sorts of things…including rubber duckies. When a lady from Florida noticed that her rubber duckies were disappearing, she had no idea that her dog was eating them. She finally realized what was happening when she caught her dog snacking on a rubber ducky one day while she was giving her baby a bath. She took him to the vet, and they removed a total of 5 rubber duckies from the dog. They also found one toy truck.

You would think that swallowing a steak knife would result in some pretty devastating damage. Well, that’s not the case for Luxy The Dog. When Luxy’s owner noticed that she was having stomach problems, he took her to the vet. After an X-ray, it was discovered that the little puppy had swallowed a steak knife whole! They removed the knife through the puppy’s esophagus. After spending 3 days in extensive care, Luxy survived.

When a tiger shark was caught near Sydney, Australia in 1935, it was put on display for the public. The shark got sick and threw up the arm of a man who was later identified as a murder victim. The police were able to identify the arm because of the tattoo.

A dog named Norris was taken to the vet one day after his owner noticed that he kept throwing up. The vet took an X-ray and noticed that there was a metal clip in its stomach. It turns out that little Norris ate 14 inches of his owner’s bra strap. Sneaky!

Greenland sharks can grow up to 20 feet long. This explains how a whole polar bear can fit inside its stomach. That’s right, marine biologists have found remnants of polar bears inside these massive sharks. There’s nothing more alarming than knowing that water animals are targeting land animals.

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