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Six-Year-Old Girl Took Over Taking Care Of Her Paralyzed Father After Her Mother Left Them

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When we’re young, we know that our parents will take care of us, and we’ll have our turn at taking care of them when they grow old and we grow up. However, sometimes that isn’t always the case, as life is known for throwing us unexpected curveballs at every step of the way.
And sometimes, we have no choice but to adapt. And it’s these times that show us that we are stronger than we or anyone else believes.

A six-year-old girl from China has shown she is stronger and smarter than anyone would expect of someone her age. The little girl took it upon herself to take care of her father, 40-year-old Tian Haicheng, when he became paralyzed from the chest down due to a car accident in March 2016. This came two and a half months after the accident when her mother suddenly abandoned them both and took the couple’s eldest son with her.


Jia Jia from the Ningxia Province helps her bed-bound father eat and move around their house using a home-made mobility hoist in order to move him from his bed into the wheelchair.

She wakes up every morning at six am and massages her father’s muscles for thirty minutes, then helps brush his teeth and wash his face, before she makes her way to school. While she’s at school, her grandparents take care of her father, and then, when she comes back, she feeds him dinner and helps him get around the house through the home-made mobility hoist.

Talking to the local media, as reported by the Daily Mail, she said that she doesn’t “feel tired at all” when she is looking after her dad.

Tian created an account on the live-streaming app Kuaishou to show how Jia Jia takes care of him, an account which got almost 480,000 followers.

Speaking to the local media, Tian explained the moment when his wife of seven years abandoned them:
he told me on the day that she was going to stay in her mother’s home for a few days. But she never returned, and she took our son with her.
That’s when Jia Jia had to become the support of the family, and Tian explained he is extremely grateful for his daughter’s help and added: “she is my hands.”
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The mobility hoist that Jia Jia uses to help her father move was created by her grandfather through parts he got at a hardware store. Helping him get in and out of the wheelchair, says Tian, is the hardest part because of how much heavier than her he is.

The process is a laborious one for the six-year-old who has to secure her father to the straps, lift him with the hoist, maneuver him to the wheelchair, set him down, and then remove the straps.

six-year-old girl takes care of her paralyzed father

Jia Jia also helps her father shave, a task which she is really good at, she says.

At the beginning, I didn’t know how to shave and I cut dad’s face and it bled. But dad said it wasn’t painful. Now, I’m very good at shaving his beard. My grandmother says I shave it very clean.

As for whether she misses her mother, Jia Jia says that she doesn’t, seeing as she failed to take care of Tian, but she adds that she does miss her brother because they used to be very close.

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Not being able to work anymore, Tian has to rely on the income his parents get from farming (they are both farmers) in order to cover his living and medical expenses. He also created the Kuaishou account in the hopes someone would offer help.

How for check out the video below


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