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Hilaria Baldwin Had 4 Babies In 4 Years And Never Stopped Working Out

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The 34-year-old fitness guru Hilaria Baldwin, welcomed her fourth baby into life, four months ago with husband Alec Baldwin. Even with four children to raise, she still finds time for her everyday exercises which she demonstrates on her Instagram account.

Source: Women’s Health

Baldwin says that even before getting pregnant and during pregnancy as well, she always tried to work out every day and stay fit. Now after being a mom of four, she considers her workout to be a long walk, telling that she walks a lot every day or even lifts her children in and out of their high chairs.


Hilaria Baldwin

While her favorite exercises are kegel ones, claiming on her Instagram that the reason everyone should do this kind of exercise, is because they help one have better sex.

Whereas, here is a picture of her sweet 16 weeks baby boy:

And this is a video of Baldwin doing a workout while wearing a dress. She captioned this photo: ‘ always nice to know that we can move anytime, anywhere, in anything’

In this one she said:

Whether you just had a baby or haven’t used your abs in a long time, you must be patient. A little goes a long way…and if you stay consistent, you will get strong in no time. Slow and steady always prevails‘.

Hilaria Baldwin

Finally, when asked whether she has any advice for new moms, she said that moms should try and find time for postpartum exercises since they will help you feel more energized for your kids and more connected to your body.

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