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Epic Photos From Burning Man 2018 Festival That Look Amazingly Surreal

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Burning Man is an annual week-long experiment in temporary community. Dedicated to anti-consumerism and self-expression.” It usually starts on Aug 25, 2018, and ends on Sep 3, 2018, and if you’re one of the people willing to participate, according to the internet reports ticket prices will range from $190 to $1,200 almost every year. Just as the name tells, the tradition includes burning a large wooden sculpture as it’s the main event.

Plus, if you go through their webpage you’ll find more information about their activities and organization. According to them, there are three ways to participate: by joining the camp, volunteering or making some art. We imagine the intense atmosphere that must be in this festival. And if you wonder where is held? The place is the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

For more, see below some of the best pictures from this year’s event, and pretty much you’ll clarify the idea of what this festival’s spirit is about:


1. The queen and her dragon! This photo is epic.

Source: missjiecouture

2. Can you notice another person inside the body?

Source: techport_

3. The quote is amazing “I have dust in curious places”!

Source: innerastronauts

4. This photo looks spirit lifting!

Source: miaomiao_chu

5. In a parallel universe <3!

Source: zimokosova_zhanna

6. My time has come, for me to be free!

Source: polina_askeri

7. I just love the view!

Source: bacydoit

Source: l.emelyanova

9. Family time!

Source: burningmanhateweek

10. Ain’t this view so magical as one can’t put into words?

Source: thexinyc

11. Jellyfish jellyfish, this photo is the best!

Source: izadess

12. If this isn’t art I don’t know what is!

Burning man festival

Source: paellaworks

13. A manifestation of one’s self-expression!

Source: zitavass

14. Day kissed!

Burning man festival

Source: missjiecouture

15. Among all – let’s celebrate romantic love!

Burning man festival

Source: mari_shest

16. And the award for the best photo of the year goes to….!

Burning man festival

Source: erichinman

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