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21 Sugar Babies Admit Real Life Experiences with Sugar Daddies

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Imagine being a broke college student. Okay yes, we’ve all been broke college students, so I’m sure you can imagine. There have been many a night where ramen or grilled cheese was for dinner. But what happens when you can’t even pay tuition even with scholarships? Ask mom and dad for help? Check out if there’s more grants you can apply for? Work double shifts as much as you can between studying and class?

No, the only logical answer is to become a sugar baby, duh. Okay, not really. You can do any of the aforementioned but a whooping number of college students and twenty-something’s have opted for this route instead. The last time I was in New York, a friend of mine and I discussed expensive tuition at NYU and how anyone could even afford going to that school. He surprisingly brought up that the stigma of sugar babies/sugar daddies have somehow dissipated over the years and that more college-age girls are considering it, at least.

There are websites where you can find yourself a sugar daddy and most of them claim they just want companionship – to take you out for a fancy dinner, have a cute girl on the arm to a fancy soiree, or just to sit and talk. Most of them don’t even want a “Netflix and chill” situation, which is less than what most frat guys are asking for. There’s up’s and down’s to the the whole sugar baby phenomenon and who better to tell it than the one’s that have lived it.


These 21 sugar babies share what the experience is like IRL:


One guy lived across the Atlantic from me. He flew me to spend a month with him, gave me an apartment and a job after we spent a weekend in NYC together. More recently I flew to his city on my own and lived with him for two months. We had periodic stints of sexual relationship but ultimately he was just a friend as I was dating someone on and off in between seeing him. Ultimately, it turned out that he was a sociopath and had no respect for women so I haven’t spoken to him since. Overall, I have no regrets. Except having to explain to a current SO that I had done that, but then again, I wouldn’t be in the country that I’m in if it weren’t for the second one so we wouldn’t have met.


Most of my sugar daddies were pretty short term because I move around a lot, but it was never sexual. Most of them just wanted companionship. But I guess now that I think of it.. it never got sexual because I always moved around. And plus, I always made myself appear innocent and made them feel like they had to earn my trust. (Mostly inquiries from white men seeking Asian women)


I’ve had my sugar daddy now for about a year and my arrangement with him is that I get 2000€/month as an allowance. He also pays my rent and any extra expenses I have because of him, like if I need new clothes to accompany him somewhere or travel costs as we don’t live in the same city. We agreed on three date nights and one weekend together a month and one weekend away every once in a while.


I used to sugar, and escort- I’m taking a break from both because of mental health reasons. I’ve been in two long-term sugar arrangements- One at 16, one at 17. 700/800 per week + gifts, respectively, for roughly one date and one round of sex and post-sex cuddling. I did negotiate the money, though- silly little me actually negotiated down from 1.2k/1k respectively, because I thought too much cash lying around would tip off my parents. I was such a stupid f*cking child, ugh. Granted, I shouldn’t have been sugaring anyway, but y’know.


I have a sugar daddy at the moment and had two before. I’ve got into it “irl” while I was doing a gap year abroad after high school. A friend of mine there was doing it and I joined her and her sugar daddy at an event and met my first one there, a friend of her sugar daddy. I was with him for the rest of my year there and a while after I came back to my country I wanted to get into it again and found the other two over SA.


One with a man who lived a couple hours from me. Married. Hated his wife. Would pay me $2000 plus pay for a hotel and room service AND dinner for me to come and spend time with him. Once a month or so. I didn’t know he was married at first and I broke it off when I found out.


I used to be friends with someone who was a user of a sugar-daddy site. She said there weren’t really too many negatives to it once you were clear on what you were doing on it. $500 to go out and grab a meal with someone for a few hours that they’re paying for, why not? Occasionally she’d get more up front questions such as “will you sleep with me for $2000” but she ignored those.


I’ve tried to become a sugar baby, hoping to find a man who just wants platonic company in exchange for money or an attractive daddy who I’m more than willing to sleep with for funds. Instead I’ve just received messages from unattractive men not willing to put in effort to spoil me until I feel guilty enough to sleep with them. Basically all they want is sex and they are very explicit/eager about it. A friend of mine told me she would meet them once as an “introduction” to get free food and some money and just to talk about relations in the future and never speak to them again afterwards. I tried that once and it worked. I tried that method again on a daddy when I was kind of desperate for money and was considering going all the way with him and he replied to the suggestion of an introductory meeting by saying, “I don’t pay to meet for a cup of coffee!”


Being a sugar baby is not work for just anyone. If you want to succeed in it, as an actual business venture, you need to be very cold, brutal, and detached from both men and sex (or at least, sex with those particular men). It’s inherently a very unbalanced dynamic- he’s wealthy and has a lot more life experience than his college-aged (or potentially younger) sugar baby. It isn’t uncommon for these men to try twist that to their advantage.


I’ve been doing okay thus far on SeekingArrangement, like I might sleep with them if I’m genuinely attracted to them but otherwise I just shouldn’t be able to. But the guy I’ve been talking to is very generous with his money and sex doesn’t seem to be that important to him at the moment.


The guy I’m presently working out an arrangement with is very generous, and although a specific number hasn’t been reached yet I have been offered a credit card linked to his account to use pretty much however I want. At the moment though I’m quite suspicious as it seems like a “too good to be true” type deal. Tbh I’d be happy with pocket money as I just need the easy cash right now but if I find a man willing to pay me more then I’m happy.


Most of my friends who are still in that life have transitioned more into “spoiled girlfriend” territory for this reason. They say sugaring itself has become too oversaturated with girls now that the stigma is gone. It’s seems like more of a total lifestyle choice than sugaring, but since it’s an actual relationship I’m guessing you’ll get a lot more out of it even if you have to give more.


My ex was a sugar baby before she met me. the guy had approached her while he was at a bachelor party for one of his younger friends and she kind of just went along with going out because he was very very generous. They didn’t go out in public together but he bought her a lot of gifts and paid for her to do lots of things she wanted to do with her friends. She really didn’t have to pay for anything for a while. She wasn’t proud of it. Deep down she knew she was being used and she saw it as “the worst thing she’s ever done”


One of the guys I met on there was very interested in a strict sugar baby relationship. He worked for the NBA and wanted me to be his “second girlfriend” and leave my life and move to New York with him, that’s when I was like “Wait…what?????” and started ghosting on him. I just wanted some cash to spend on Starbucks and on eating out everyday, I wasn’t into getting deeper into the game than that.


Once upon a time, I joined the major sugar website. A lot of my friends had done it so I figured, well let’s see. Basically, I realized i didn’t have the patience to be a sugar baby. Most of the guys seemed to basically want an escort type arrangement anyway, but not with escorts, but young hot college girls.


I did it once…by that I mean one attempt/date. I had the guy pick me up under a false name at an apartment that wasn’t mine. He was about 55 years old and we got together on the precedent of a “sugar baby” relationship sort of “trial run/first date”.. He took me to a really fancy Italian place. Turns out there was nothing interesting about him, and promises to pay my bills and buy me things were very unappealing when he started opening his mouth. He was married and a total pig about his wife, who he basically described as a g*ddamn saint but who was too old/ugly for him now so he f*cks younger girls instead. He kept commenting about how I was the same age/etc as his daughters (whom he was very proud of, ick) I was very very uncomfortable at this point but had no car, so I just kept agreeing with him and buttering him up. He dropped me off at that apartment a few miles from my house and we parted ways. He tried to kiss me. It was gross.


I joined a website when I was 18 that connects sugar babies with sugar daddies. I had only ever been with my high school sweetheart sexually, so I was scared what they would expect and decided I would let them know right away I was looking for a non-sexual sugar relationship. A lot of men were still interested, I had all kinds of men want to have me accompany them to events, dinners, sports games, etc. They would compensate me for my time and became more like friends, who would give me an allowance. It was amazing and helped me out in a rough place in my life. When I was 20 I met a man who started out as a typical sugar daddy but I ended up falling for him, and he fell for me but we only dated for about a year before we realized we weren’t a good long term match. We’re still good friends. I ended up in the same sort of situation at 21, but that didn’t work out either. They are the only 2 that I have been intimate with. From now on I decided I will stick with platonic sugar.


I got into it because a few of my girlfriends were doing it as well. Whenever I tell a girlfriend about it, she ends up joining the site to find a daddy of her own. I’ve even gotten men to join the site. As for exclusivity, when I ended up falling for my sugar daddy, the two times it happened, we dated in an exclusive relationship. Otherwise I see many men and have them at my disposal at all times. The relationships aren’t sexual so I see no need to cut down on the amount of men and only see one. I have a day job, which doesn’t pay much, and am a student. When people who don’t ask how I’m able to afford nice things/go out so often/pay for tuition/etc, I just tell them I’m dating a generous guy who helps me out.


I had a “sugardaddy” for like a month. Tbh it was super casual and he just bought me some nice clothes and cooked me food and let me stay at his in return for sex.


I didn’t really have a stereotypical one, though he did do and buy all kinds of stuff for me, like phones, dinners (out), drive me places, get me stuff for my house, introduce me to cool people. Nothing completely unnecessary like a golden ring or I dunno, obviously Gucci clothes, he didn’t believe in blatant luxury himself, but he did get me really nice phones each time he did, replaced my iPod when it broke, etc.


I have tried before. I’ve had some okay experiences, but a lot of bad. Sugar Daddies are just a**holes. They don’t wanna spoil you, they wanna own you. They want you to be on call 24/7 with no limits. On skype whenever they want. And you better do all that for an entire month with no guarantee of payment.

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