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14 Types Of Kissing Techniques You Must Try To Impress Your Partner!

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Everyone knows kissing, right? Even the ones who have not done it yet have fantasized about being the master of this art. And the couples, well, the kissing techniques out there are numerous, that you must have already tried in your, eh, “explorations.”

Why not add a bit of extra spark to your budding relationship, and even if it is an early blooming one, don’t proceed to second base without trying these 14 weird kissing techniques.

Enough with the mundane strap the weirdness on and dare to try these weird kissing techniques:
The Misleading Kiss
When she leans in for the kiss, duck and aim at a different target altogether. Leave are grasping at thin air, you go in for the kill buddy.


The Chinese Kiss or The Charity Kiss
Kiss everyone! Spread the love. Well, this kiss is called Chinese for a reason; they all look alike, kissing random strangers by mistake must be a big issue there.

The Saliva Transfer Kiss
Be a giver, give them all the saliva you got

She would love the extra lubricates she is receiving, a symbol of your love after all. Wipe her entire face with your tongue while you are at it.

The Random Spot Kiss
Dart around her face, leave random splotches of saliva on her face never actually going for her lips.

The Coma Kiss
Fall asleep, kissing them, be relaxed.

The Power-packed Kiss
High five them on the face when you feel the need to kiss them, that concussion would get would be so romantic leaving them maybe even unable to stand. Knock their breath out.

The Jackrabbit Kiss
Prove your speed by sticking your tongue in and out of her mouth in quick successions; treat this as a high on adrenaline video game. Click away, my friend.

The Gobble-them-down Kiss
Heard of too much tongue, well this is too much mouth. Eat their entire face in one go if you can.

The Bragged Kiss aka the North Korean kiss
This kiss only exists in the wild fantasies of the speaker where the listener is actually aware of the truth.

The Faint Inducing Kiss or the Halitosis
This one would definitely take their breath away for good. Being stinky has never been kinkier.

The No-end-in-sight kiss
Don’t allow them to eat, bath, sleep or work. Keep kissing them non-stop. How romantic, right?

The Tentacles kiss
Take French kissing a step further and wrap her in your tongue and never let go.

The Russian Kiss
Pass a cube of ice back and forth between you and stop only when your tongues are numb and feel like they would fall off or they actually fall off.

The French-Canadian kiss
Be a gentleman and ask for a kiss from her. Beg if you have to and if she denies try any of the above methods.


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