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12+ Times People Improvised What They Don’t Have Because Why Not?

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Since we were kids, they have been telling us that lying is bad. Our parents have always tried to set a good example for us to follow and grow up to be good people. However, not all kinds of lying are bad and do damage. Take for instance the white lies. I mean, white lies to the rescue when we don’t wanna hurt people’s feelings.

While some people out there go for the lies, there are some that fake things for the public eye – which, pretty much is the same as lying. But, hey, they say ‘Fake it, until you make it.’ So, you know, some people wanna prove that they can put into practice this saying. Thinking of it, I’d like to refer to these things as ‘improvising’ more than ‘faking something.’

Whether a date, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a selfie stick – these are only some of the things that people on the internet improvised and, I have to say, their creativity reached the peak. Now, follow me below and let’s have some giggles together.



1. When you don’t have a man, you improvise him! Ta-dah.

Source: © Patrice Pannell / Twitter


2. Can I get your dentist’s number? You really can’t tell!

Source: © ComicLuisPowell / Twitter


3. I like it how determined this guy is!

Source: © StackerPentecost / reddit


4. Just passing time on the bus ride… The driver needed a hand lol!

Source: © Philip Lewis / Twitter


5. It looks like he’s really desperate! Same bro, same.

Source: © tumbl1r / imgur


6. I have to admit it: I did this once! Let this be our secret *wink.*

Source: © MrPassingHam / Twitter


7. This looks so real, wow.

Source: © urbinsanity / imgur


8. “My new kitchen at IKEA?”

Source: © Crystal / Twitter


9. Sorry, she got you a MACNOTEBOOK!

Source: © Elder J / Twitter


10. Such a massive burger!

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