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11 Things You Should Never Do To Your Private Parts

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Understanding your body is very important. And the most important thing is your. Women’s personal space is important in some respects. It is especially beneficial for your overall health if you have the knowledge to treat your vagina right. There was a lot of wrong information there, we decided to set the record straight. For example, in the media, we often see women who are orgasming within a few seconds of having sex. But it’s a fact, not every woman can even get out of the offense. In fact, one source says that 75% of women require female genitalia to achieve the climax. And there are many more to go!

Here are 11 more things you should know.

# 1 Keep yourself away from sweets. Some women hold this comment that taking the sugar and rubbing it down will make it flaovor better for your good half. Well that’s not big! This is why vaginas are cleansing themselves and as a result of sugar rubbing when it will cause a pH balance that can lead to yeast infections.


# 2 Keep in mind if you want to take a bath from hot water, do not use hot water in the vagina and do not heat the whole evening trying to have water on a regular basis. After showering will make the area dry.

# 3 Decoration: A few years ago, Vajazzling became a popular trend among women. Basically, after having a wax you will add sparkling gems outside the area. This sounds cool to ignore what’s inside and if you can keep it close to the stomach area.

# 4. Do not wear very tight bottoms, and it might look hot but it is very dangerous for your vagina. Gynecologist Dr. Ava Shamban says:

“Everything is only good in moderation, If tight clothing is worn too regularly, it can sometimes bring unwanted side effects such as yeast infections or pressure acne.”

#5. Sanitize: Many women use toys as another way to achieve orgasm, however, sanitise them always before putting anything inside. your figures are also a part of it!

#6. DIY Lubes: to make a woman enjoy the pleasure of love sometimes the partner uses some lubricants to love easily. Make sure that these are not flavoured or have the burning sensation that might cause irritation.

#7. Using scented soaps is the worst you could do to your vagina. It may lead to irritation, Infections and PH imbalance problems. This is because they are made up of different chemicals. If you want a good smell to try to improve your diet.

# 8. No Perfume !: Using a perfume might disturb the area and cause irritation.

# 9. Douching is not all it’s cracked up to be: You do not need to clean your private parts by yourself, the vagina is a self-cleaning part. Just wash it with warm water.

# 10. No scratching !: I know this is hardest part not to scratch your vagina but this is the reason you have an irritated vagina. If you are having irritation 24/7 then it might be due to yeast, bacteria or contact dermatitis. Go see a doctor!

# 11 Ditch Google for Diagnosis: Do not try to treat yourself if you have a problem trying to get your doctor’s medication. Otherwise, analysis on Google, you will waste time and make fools yourself.

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